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The Heartstoppers / Susan Phillips - Soul Twins (CD)

The Heartstoppers / Susan Phillips

Soul Twins
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The Heartstoppers / Susan Phillips
Soul Twins
Art.Nr.: OSCD018

Outta Sight startet mit seiner neuen Twofer-Serie ��Soul Twins�� mit 2 Alben auf 1 CD. Den Anfang machen 2 rare Northern Soul-Perlen von 1971, die hier erstmals - angereichert mit vielen Bonustracks - auf CD erschienen: der gleichnamige Longplayer des Girl-Quartetts The Heartstoppers sowie das Soloalbum ��Soft, Sexy, Soul� ihres Mitglieds Susan Phillips

1.lost (without you)
2.miss lonely heart
3.when the hurt comes back
4.the ice is melting
5.just what the doctor ordered
6.stop boy (what you�re doing is wrong)
7.where does the love go
8.more of you
9.a few moments of pleasure
10.brainwashed by love
bonus track
11.she�ll snatch him
12.courtin� mama
13.courtin� me
14.marching out of your life
15.marching out of your life
16.geraldine curry & the heartstoppers - you�re so wonderful
susan phillips soft, sexy, soul
17.he�s gone
18.answer to a prayer
19.please don�t keep me lonely
20.where do i go from here
21.that�s what i�ll do
22.he knows my key (is always in the mailbox)
23.just how long
24.this i�ll guarantee
25.goodbye my love
bonus track
26.vivian copeland - he knows my key (is always in the mailbox)